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The Difference: Nootropic vs Amphetamines

With the fever-pitch demand for Adderall, and in-development ADHD medications at an all-time high, there’s plenty of concern about abuse. Adderall, specifically, provides a euphoria boost that can lead to addiction.

Since most nootropics are ‘clean’ in the sense that they don’t result in addiction, many proponents suggest that doctors consider straightforward over-the-counter alternatives designed to help the patient with focus and concentration. Adderall’s advocates, on the other hand, point to the likelihood that a nootropic stack won’t match the level of efficacy.

Nootropics vs. Amphetamines

Studies are ongoing for formulations like Modafinil and Armodafinil. Users suggest a clear boost in alertness (both drugs are already FDA approved for treating sleep-related disorders like narcolepsy). In decades of worldwide us, there’s mounting evidence that neither Modafinil or Armodafinil is addictive – a huge advantage over most heavily-used stimulants.

The question now is if these drugs can deliver more than wakefulness. Are users more focused? Can the benefits match an ADHD staple like Ritalin or Adderall?

Research is certainly encouraging, but the FDA has moved at a glacial pace despite the horror stories that are ripping families apart when current ADHD drugs are abused.

Thankfully, however, nootropics offer an escape from that ghastly regimen of amphetamine reliance, and through long-term use with them, you can improve total brain function, and get more work done in the long run than you ever would have on amphetamines.

Nootropics mechanism of action works mainly on the acetylcholine receptors, rather than on dopamine and serotonin-like the addictive amphetamines branch of drugs does, making them non-neurotoxic, and enabling them to improve both short and long-term brain function, enhancing total conditioning along the method.

Here’s a list of my preferred types of nootropics that compare strength a good idea to a cleaner, better-suited kind of Adderall the next time you have to study for a test, or have that huge paper to end up.

They may not be rather as strong or blissful, but they have cumulative results that will make them more powerful in the long-lasting instead of weaker, and they will guarantee that you remain delighted, healthy, efficient, and addiction complimentary.

Phenylpiracetam — Phenylpiracetam is, from my experience, the most stimulant-like of the racetams, and of the nootropics as a whole. Phenylpiracetam comes close to Adderall’s impacts with its effectiveness, efficiency, as well as (to a lot more subtle level) in its blissful and mood uplifting impacts.

Although tolerance does increase with this nootropic, there’s no evidence of withdrawal symptoms for those who quit using it. The dose can be increased by as much as seven times the baseline with no documented adverse effects

This makes it is a terrific nootropic for when you need an energizing, cognitive boost, and it is a top option for an alternative to Adderall.

Sunifiram is an ampakine nootropic that is stronger than the ‘initial ‘original’ nootropic, piracetam, and delivers in its overall result. Sunifiram comes VERY close to Adderall in its stimulant-like results, (and in some methods is even more powerful as a research study alternative).

Noopept — This nootropic has cumulative results on par with no other, and for that factor is my preferred for long-lasting usage. At the appropriate doses (10-30 milligrams 1-3 times per day) Noopept can be the ideal research study and/or general cognitive enhancement help for anybody, and can even show to be more powerful than the hazardous Addy over just short periods of its administration.

For Long-Term Use – Aniracetam+Citicoline – For long-lasting cognitive performance, as well as for curing any neurotoxicity Adderall might have had on your brain in the past, and Aniracetam/Citicoline regimen of just a couple of weeks can considerably bring back brain function, enhance memory, lower stress and anxiety levels, and even minimize yearnings. Aniracetam combined with a powerful choline source and supplemented for the long-lasting is an excellent Adderall option, and can have increasing effects that will far exceed whatever Adderall could carry out in a given time period.

Final Thoughts

Nootropics are the secret to the future and are a remarkable, more potent, more secure, and in the long run, more effective option to harmful stimulant drugs in the amphetamine classification. Although their impacts might prove much more subtle, in the long and brief term, you’ll be grateful you stuck with them and will have fantastic psychological and physical benefits as they are used for long-lasting enhancement.


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